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Vietnam Studies Center welcomes creative and scholarly endeavors that contribute to the overarching exploration and understanding of Vietnam’s history, culture, and contemporary issues. Our grants support a wide range of research initiatives and creative projects that bring into focus questions regarding Vietnam’s heritage. Examples of potential projects include:

  • Documenting Oral Histories: Collecting and preserving oral histories from diverse communities to capture personal narratives of significant historical events or cultural traditions, with the results shared through podcast series or online archives.
  • Cultural Mapping: Using digital technologies to map cultural landmarks, traditions, and practices across different regions of Vietnam, with the findings presented through interactive websites or multimedia exhibitions.
  • Artistic Interpretations: Creating visual art, music compositions, or literary works inspired by Vietnamese history, folklore, or contemporary social issues, and sharing them through exhibitions, performances, or online platforms.
  • Environmental Studies: Investigating the environmental impact of urbanization, industrialization, or climate change on Vietnam’s ecosystems and communities, with the research findings communicated through documentaries, educational videos, or public forums.
  • Socioeconomic Research: Analyzing patterns of migration, labor, or economic development within Vietnam, exploring their social and cultural implications, and disseminating the results through policy briefs, public lectures, or online publications.

Applicants are encouraged to propose innovative projects that contribute to the interdisciplinary landscape of Vietnam Studies and advance our understanding of Vietnam’s past, present, and future. The results of the projects should be presented in formats accessible to a wide audience, such as podcast series, documentaries, websites, or multimedia platforms, ensuring that the findings reach and engage with diverse communities both locally and globally.


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