Fulbright Admissions

Fulbright University Vietnam seeks 300-350 students from across Vietnam and beyond to join our Class of 2026, who can choose to matriculate in Fall 2022, Spring 2023, or Summer 2023.

To date, Fulbright applicants come from 62/63 cities and provinces in Vietnam, as well as 15 countries all over the world.

On October 6, 2021, Fulbright University Vietnam will officially launch our admissions application for the Priority Cycle of Class of 2026. The application for the Priority Cycle closes at 2 PM November 29, 2021.

The admissions application for the Spring Cycle of Class of 2026 will be launched on November 30, 2021. The application for the Spring Cycle closes on April 8, 2022.

Who are we looking for?

We strive to create equitable access to Fulbright by recognizing and supporting diverse abilities through holistic admissions and a need-based financial aid program.

Joining Fulbright marks a unique opportunity where students and faculty work closely, creating Vietnam’s first university in the liberal arts, sciences and engineering traditions. To do so, Fulbright is looking for students who are:

  • Intellectually Curious: Thirsty for knowledge, open-minded about new ideas, and willing to adapt by listening to good arguments.
  • Pioneering: Eager for challenges and opportunities, creative in their approach to problem-solving and comfortable with learning from their mistakes.
  • Responsible and Caring for Others: Considerate for others’ wellbeing and effortful towards building a better community; respectful of others, particularly those of different backgrounds, by acting with integrity and emotional maturity.

We also seek students who have academic depth and breadth, who can communicate and collaborate effectively with others, and have the ability to be successful in an English-instruction university environment.

We hope to see these qualities, characteristics and more by best understanding our applicants throughout the admissions process.

Preparing to Apply

How do I know if the liberal arts education suits me?

While there is a plethora of academic models that exist, no single model fits everyone. Due to this, we suggest you collect as much information on the different education models as possible to choose an environment that suits you and will immerse you in an environment to best prepare you for your future.

If you want to spend your four years studying in depth one particular field that you are certain you want to pursue as your career, you may want to consider a school that specializes in that field.

If you want to spend your four years understanding who you are, building a foundation of knowledge and understanding across different fields of study, and developing the skills and disposition to have a multifaceted career, you may want to consider Fulbright’s liberal arts education.

If you know which academic field you want to study and pursue through various projects that you get to see from start to finish, Fulbright’s educational pedagogy might be for you.

If you want to study in an environment where class sizes are small and interactions with faculty and staff are frequent; if you are a self-starter with your work and need someone to mentor you and not someone to hold your hand along the way, Fulbright’s student learning environment might be for you.

There are many ways to engage with your prospective colleges, either in-person or online. If you can, visit that college and engage with faculty, staff and current students. Ask them why they are there and about their experience. If you ask nicely, maybe the college will even let you sit-in on an actual class, or to attend student-run events. If you are not able to physically visit the campus, reach out to their admissions office over email and see if you can set up a phone call, or be connected with current students.

This understanding takes time, so we suggest you begin your initial forays into higher education by at least the summer before your 12th grade. Ultimately, we suggest you do this so you choose a college where you feel like you belong, make great friends and can see yourself being successful. Remember, you are going to that college after all, so it will be a good” college if you make the most of it!

Applying to Fulbright


Individuals (Vietnamese citizens or foreigners) who are currently in their senior year of high-school (Grade 12) and will graduate before their intended enrolment date at Fulbright, OR individuals who hold a high-school diploma (or equivalent) are eligible to apply to Fulbright’s Class of 2026.

English Requirement (to be met before the Individual Interview round):
Applicants are required to submit an English test score of minimum 95 for Duolingo English Test (or 6.0 for IELTS or 75 for TOEFL iBT) or equivalent, with the exceptions of applicants:

  • who are native speakers, OR
  • who will have completed at least two consecutive years of high school education in English, OR
  • who have obtained a Third Prize or above in English in the Provincial (or Municipal in the cases of Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Can Tho) or Regional Academic Excellence Competition for Grade 10 or above, OR
  • who have been selected into the student’s team to represent their province/major city in the National Academic Excellence Competition in English for Grade 10 or above.

Please note:

  • Applicants who obtained an IELTS score of 6.0 or some with 6.5 (or equivalent) will be asked to undertake the English Bridge Program prior to starting their freshman year at Fulbright.
  • Fulbright will only accept Academic Excellence Competition certificates issued by the Department of Education in different provinces/major cities or by the Ministry of Education.
  • Fulbright does not currently accept certificates from internet-based academic competitions such as ViOlympic or IOE.


Fulbright’s admissions application to the Class of 2026 opens on October 6, 2021. Applications are completed on an online application form on https://apply.fulbright.edu.vn/. There is no application fee.

The admissions application includes the following key sections:
01 – Applicant Profile
02 – Academic Information
03 – Activities and Awards
04 – Personal Essay (written in English) or
Original Piece of Work

If you have any questions, please first visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If your questions are not answered there, please contact us at:
Email: apply@fulbright.edu.vn
Phone: +84 28 7303 7788

Application Process

In each admissions cycle, applicants will go through two (02) rounds: the Application round, and the Individual Interview round. Once the applicants have successfully passed the Application round, they will be notified and scheduled for the Individual Interview round.

The timeline for the application process of Fulbright Class of 2026 is as followed:

The Priority Cycle:

  • The Application round opens on October 6, 2021 and closes at 2 PM on November 29, 2021. 
  • The Individual Interview round starts in February 2022.
  • The Priority Cycle Admissions Results are out in March 2022.

The Spring Cycle:

  • The Application round opens on November 30th, 2021 and closes on April 8th, 2022.
  • The Individual Interview round starts in late May 2022.
  • The Priority Cycle Admissions Results are out in early July 2022.

Important Notes:

*The application is to be completed online on our application portal. We do not accept any application in paper form via post or direct submission.
**The admission process is focused on the applicants as who they truly are, and for this reason, we do not set a minimum requirement for applicants’ GPA
***Integrity Policy:

  • Applicants are asked to submit photos or scanned copies of the official transcripts, certificates, and any documents with regard of the application. The University reserves the right to request original or notarised copies of the submitted documents in case comparison is necessary.
  • In case Fulbright is skeptical about an applicant submitting misleading information, purposely getting rid of important details, or providing fraudulent or edited documents/photos, the University will investigate the situation. Depending on the investigation results, the University might terminate the applicant’s candidacy or cancel the admissions decision (if applicable).