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About us

Our Mission

All VSC programs, projects, and events serve the building and strengthening of Vietnamese national identity as well as the consciousness of national and global citizenship, spreading out a positively constructive spirit and ethical values to the community, encouraging dialogs, mutual understanding, and positive contributions to social developments.

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Our Vision

As an integral part of the university, the Center will actively participate in educating the holistic person, equipped with advanced scientific knowledge, a deep understanding of cultural identity, and civic awareness nationally and globally. In addition to strengthening the organization and personnel in 2022, the Center is establishing its development plan and scientific research projects based on interdisciplinary, dialogic, collaborative, and supported by various social partners.

Accordingly, the Center aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Promoting and facilitating research on Vietnam in the field of social sciences and humanities;
  2. Academically sponsoring foreign scholars to conduct their research in Vietnam;
  3. Accumulating and developing academic resources for learning and research on Vietnam;
  4. Developing outreach and exchange programs to foster opportunities for non-Vietnamese and Vietnamese students to study at Fulbright as well as at other institutional partners in Vietnam and abroad;
  5. Offering courses on Vietnamese culture, history, and society, and Vietnamese language training for students of Vietnamese heritage, international students, MA students or PhD candidates, and researchers who wish to improve their Vietnamese language in their specific academic fields;
  6. Contributing to the establishment of Mindfulness Culture at Fulbright.

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Our History

On April 7, 2022, Fulbright University Vietnam signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Archives Administration of Vietnam to cooperate in organizing various collaborative activities. This partnership marked the official establishment of the Vietnam Studies Center.

history-section-img Ms. Dam Bich Thuy, President of Fulbright University Vietnam and Mr. Dang Thanh Tung, Director of the State Records and Archives Management Department of Vietnam

Ms. Đàm Bích Thủy, President of Fulbright University Vietnam, commented at the ceremony, “One of Fulbright’s key missions is ‘Building a new generation of Vietnamese capable of making changes in a turbulent world.’ To prepare for the future, our Fulbright community members always strive to bring new approaches to teaching and learning in Vietnam. We believe that understanding our past is the most valuable preparation for the future, as it helps us know who we are. With the collaboration and valuable resources from the National Archives Administration, we will create more opportunities and new platforms for young people to understand more about Vietnamese history and culture, and to love Vietnam even more.”

history-section-img Ms. Dam Bich Thuy delivered her speech at the ceremony

The initial agreement will be effective for five years. Fulbright University Vietnam and the National Archives Administration will collaborate to organize academic seminars, exhibitions, digitization, and publication of research papers to promote and introduce Vietnamese cultural heritage, world documentary heritage, and significant archival materials. These activities aim to educate the young generation, instill national pride, love for the country, and a sense of responsibility in preserving and promoting the value of documentary and cultural heritage.

Mr. Đặng Thanh Tùng, Director of the National Archives Administration, expressed at the ceremony, “Cooperating with Fulbright University Vietnam is an opportunity for the documentary heritage that the Administration is responsible for preserving to become more accessible and useful to Fulbright faculty and students, as well as to the public at home and abroad. Today’s ceremony marks a significant beginning, as both sides will leverage their potential and strengths to implement important activities, helping the public understand more fully about Vietnamese history and culture, and use this knowledge as a foundation for Vietnam’s development.”

history-section-img Mr. Dang Thanh Tung shared at the ceremony

At the same event, Interim President of Fulbright University Vietnam, Dr. Nora Taylor, announced the official establishment of the Vietnam Studies Center under the management and guidance of Dr. Nguyễn Nam, Director of the Center and Faculty of Vietnam Studies. “As a university operating under the American liberal arts education model but deeply rooted in Vietnamese society, Fulbright aims to redefine Vietnam Studies. Starting from the Vietnam Studies major, and now with the Vietnam Studies Center, Fulbright is committed to being a leader in the network of Vietnam Studies experts at home and abroad, fostering research and teaching activities centered on Vietnam,” emphasized Dr. Nora Taylor.

history-section-img Dr. Nora Taylor announced the establishment of the Vietnamese Studies Center at Fulbright University Vietnam

The Vietnam Studies Center will officially start operating in April 2022 with initial support from the C+P Consulting Fund to protect and promote Vietnamese culture.

Mr. Hùng Võ, Advisor of C+P Consulting, shared, “It’s an honor for Hùng to support the initial phase and activities of the Vietnam Studies Center. Hùng believes that from now on, Vietnamese youth will have more opportunities to access and understand the Vietnamese identity, its cultural and historical values, which will be a strong foundation for them to face an uncertain future.”

The Vietnam Studies Center will directly collaborate with the National Archives Administration under the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding, with important projects in 2022, especially with the Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Conference and Exhibition.

history-section-img The Vietnam Studies Center at Fulbright is under the management and leadership of Dr. Nam Nguyen
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Open Letter

Dear scholars, researchers, students, and those who are interested in Vietnam Studies,

Welcome to the Vietnam Studies Center (VSC)!

I’m writing this open letter as VSC is about to start its second year. Over the past two years, despite still being in its nascent phase and having limited resources, the Center has made determined strides in establishing itself as a hub for interdisciplinary research on Vietnam in the regional and global landscape. Alongside the field of Vietnam Studies, VSC has endeavored to connect with research and educational institutions both domestically and internationally, aiming to generate new knowledge and perspectives on the complexities of Vietnam from various vantage points.

VSC focuses on building Digital Humanities (DH) to provide the most diverse and efficient foundation for interdisciplinary research on Vietnam. Additionally, recognizing that Big Data forms a crucial cornerstone of DH, VSC emphasizes the importance of collecting and integrating data to yield fresh insights in Vietnamese research.

Collaborative research projects, short-term training programs, and outreach activities are the goals that VSC aims to achieve. Once new knowledge is generated and new discoveries are recognized, the dissemination of these achievements is the next essential step in fostering positive interactions between VSC and the community and society at large.

VSC warmly welcomes researchers, professors, Vietnamese and international graduate students, and the academic community to join our Center. We can conduct research, share knowledge and experiences, and build an academic community at VSC, which in turn contributes to expanding the network of scholars specializing in Vietnam Studies.

This introductory letter sincerely invites you to come to VSC. Together, we can bring Vietnam to the world and bring the world to Vietnam.”

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Our Team

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