Student affairs & Services team


Student Affairs & Services provides a diverse and inclusive campus and residential environment where students are encouraged to test and refine the knowledge, skills, and values they acquire in their classes.

In partnership with students and through dynamic, student-centered programs and services, we empower students to develop their abilities to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, and demonstrate competencies worthy of future leaders and change-makers in Vietnam and the world.


  • Residential Life

    One of Fulbright University Vietnam’s distinct qualities is its tight-knit, inclusive, and engaging residential community. Students are encouraged to live in the Residence to fully experience the liberal arts university model.

    We provide a clean and safe living space in furnished apartment units with convenient proximity to campus.

    For further details, visit our Residential Life’s page.

  • Student Engagement

    At Fulbright, students set the agenda for their experience. Students independently organize student clubs, activities and projects around issues they are passionate about.

    The Office of Student Life supports students to create and run their clubs, organizations, community services and other student-led initiatives that serve the broader communities or help others enrich their lives.

    Learn more at Student Engagement’s page.

  • Career Services

    Fulbright provides one-on-one career advising for all students, as well as professional development workshops throughout the year. Students can arrange to meet with a career coach to review a resume, prepare for an interview, or discuss broader career aspirations. We also work closely with prospective employers in Vietnam and around the globe to support them in learning about and recruiting our students.

    Visit Career Services’ page.

  • Wellness

    Fulbright Wellness Center envisions a healthy and vibrant environment at Fulbright that supports and empowers all to succeed through mental health wellness strategies. College is an incredibly exciting time for new explorations, new friends, and new interests. At the same time, these new opportunities and changes may bring out stress as students are trying to balance the demands of both personal and academic lives.

    For more details, visit our Wellness page.

  • Registrar

    The Office of the Registrar maintains students’ permanent academic records & certifications as well as provides services to Fulbright students and faculty members regarding academic policy, registration, course enrollment, and course schedule.

    The Office of the Registrar manages the student information system and utilizes technology-based solutions when possible to increase the students’ learning experience as well as support the overall needs of the academic community.

  • Student Financial Services

    Student Financial Services is the help center for students and their families for finance-related matters, including tuition, fees and charges, payments, and refunds.

    We also support student clubs in processing transactions resulting from their club activities.

    Our aim is to ensure that students’ interactions with the University’s financial and accounting processes are as efficient, transparent, and as customer-friendly as possible.

  • Student Experience

    The Student Experience unit works across the University to promote a student-centered, customer-focused, and service-oriented culture. We measure and keep working to enhance student satisfaction levels.

    The student portal – Fulbright One Stop – is developed to pursue the above purpose. The most essential information can be found in One Stop. Student queries can be submitted through the platform to simplify the process as well as enhance customer experience.

Student Affairs & Services Team